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Welcome to American Express Travel World Class Service

World Class Customer Service

All over the world, business professionals know to choose American Express Travel because they know that they will receive American Express World Class Customer Service every time. From the smallest glitch to the biggest problem, American Express is there with you through it all, and the American Express Travel branch is no different.

Nothing is more frustrating or frightening than having a problem when on your vacation getaway. Whether you’re trapped in a tropical storm or simply missed your flight, American Express travel knows just how you feel. With toll free access at our toll free 800 numbers, you can contact your American Express Travel Agent from anywhere in the world. From the home base, American Express Travel will fight your battle for you so that you can try to enjoy yourself. Let your American Express Travel Agent cut through the bureaucracy to procure you the fastest help that can rectify the situation.

As a company, we have faced some of history’s worst disasters and challenges, yet still American Express stands by its dedication to world class customer service. Throughout World War Two, American Express Travel provided aid and travel accomodations to some of the worst bombed areas all over the world, including London, Paris and Rome. During this time of stress, agents and employees were fully committed to dealing with the travel crisis they encountered in the Second World War, despite any risk of danger or injury. American Express Travel is ready and willing to go the extra mile in any situation. That’s what makes our customer service world class.

Ever since the dangerous experiences of the two World Wars, American Express Travel has always been a calm and experienced travel provider in times of crisis. On September 11, 2001, American Express Travel was once again called upon to be a leader of calm in stormy situations because of their many years of experience. Despite American Express Headquarters being across the street from the World Trade Center, American Express Travel was able to redirect frightened travelers and reassure concerned family members. They remained open the entire day, and continued the next, despite forcible relocation due to extensive damage done to the Headquarters building. Our customer service means everything, and no matter what problems the world is facing, we are only concerned about the wellbeing of our customer. American Express Travel is dedicated to a higher standard of customer service and we promise to solve any and every problem facing the modern traveler.

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