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Innovation of AMT American Express Travel


American Express has is a company of high acclaim for a number of reasons.  One of the most outstanding reasons is because of the numerous industries in which American Express is involved in.  From credit, to financial investment services, to travel, American Express is a company that has grown in the global business mogul it is today.  But American Express has not forgotten the adventurous spirit of innovation which has catapulted it to its current position.  Specifically in its travel sector, American Express has created several new ways to meet the customers every need.  American Express strives to stay on the cutting edge of the travel industries with several innovative programs.

With over 1,700 offices Worldwide, each office implements its own programs.  One of the most popular programs is travel gift certificate program.  Perfect for an almost any occasion, travel gift certificates at American Express Travel Offices are the perfect alternative to ordinary gifts.  Give someone the gift on an escape.  American Express Travel makes it simple.  For anniversaries to graduations, travel gift certificates can be used towards any cruise or tour to one of our hundreds of destinations.  The receiver can use these gift certificates towards new or already planned getaways.  The perfect solution to last minute gifts and the most difficult person on your list, American Express Travel is offering yet another innovative option to its clients.

Gift Certificates are also great for the bride to be!  But AMT American Express Travel has taken weddings and honeymoons to a whole new level with our brand new Wedding Division.  AMT American Express Travel offers specialists in destination weddings and  honeymoons.  Thanks to American Express Travel Offices, such AMT American Express Travel, your American Express Travel Agents have new programs to send you and all your guests to distant wedding locals, such as Hawaii, Mexico and the Caribbean.  You can even take advantage of our totally fee free Honeymoon Registry.  Unlike competitors, we refuse to charge you and your guests fees for our honeymoon registry service when you book your Honeymoon through AMT American Express Travel.  Thanks to American Express’s continuing development of the travel service industry, you can travel like never before.

Traveling with a pet?  American Express understands that this is not always as simple as it should be.  With so many resorts and hotels restricting availability, finding the best place to stay can be frustrating.  But at AMT American Express Travel, we know that your pet is part of your family.  AMT American Express Travel has developed a new program especially for travelers with pets.  We have sorted out the hotels and motels which will except pets and make them available to you directly through an online booking engine.  At AMT American Express Travel, we’re using innovation and technology to surpass all you desire and meet all your needs.

We know that travel is not always for leisure.  Sometimes travelers are forced in the air or on the road for medical emergencies or because of a sudden personal loss.  American Express Travel knows that sometimes travel can be painful, and we want ease your concerns in your time of need.  That’s why when you need bereavement airfare; AMT American Express Travel offers special discounts and last minute availability.  Its just one more innovative program American Express Travel is using to cater to all your travel needs.


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