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American Express was founded in 1850 with by American moguls Henry Wells, William Fargo, and John Butterfield.  Still centered in New York, American Express is run by the most knowledgeable professionals in the world.  There is a lot to learn in business, and in 150 years,

American Express has learned to change and adapt to the rapidly changing world of business.  Originating as an express delivery company, our founders saw the potential for growth and development.  As business expanded with travel technology, American Express was one of the first companies to realize that world wide business was a growing opertunity.  That’s why when in 1915, American Express opened its own branch of travel called American Express Travel. 

American Express Travel became on of the first travel companies to manage travel to and from world wide destinations.  By being stationed in over 150 countries, American Express Travel had the advantage of hometown knowledge and experience to share with their travel clients.  With major offices in Berlin, London, Paris, Rome and Rotterdam, American Express Travel had the inside travel secrets that have perpetuated into today.  What better experience exists than behind the scenes knowledge of the world’s greatest destinations?

As a company, we have faced some of history’s worst disasters and challenges, yet still American Express stands ontop because of it’s impecable experience.  The company’s first major challenge came with the outbreak of World War One.  It was this serrious time of world strife that American Express saw the need for a world wide travel provider.  American Express saw opertunity through tragedy, and after safely finding its loyal customers a safe way to travel to loved ones, American Express debued as a new leader in world travel.  Through out World War Two, American Express Travel Provided aid and travel accomodations to some of the worst bombed areas all over the world, including London, Paris and Rome.  Thanks to American Express’s World War One experiences, agents and employees were fully prepared to deal with the travel crisis they encountered in the Second World War.

Ever since the dangerous experiences of the two World Wars, American Express Travel has always been an experienced travel provider in times of panic.  On September 11, 2001, American Express Travel was once again called upon to be a leader of calm in stormy situations because of their many years of experience.  Despite American Express Headquarters being across the street from the World Trade Center, American Express Travel was able to redirect frightened travelers and reassure concerned family members.  They remained open the entier day, and continued the next despite forceable relocation due to extensive damage done to the Headquaters building.  A piller of strength in times of tradgey, American Express Travel is experinced in solving any and every problem facing the modern traveler.  American Express Travel:  Operating with Over 150 Years of Experience.

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